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Teaching is understood most noble profession in this world specially in India where there is a saying that “Gurur Brahma, Gurur Bishnu  Gurur Devo  Maheshwarah , Guru Sakshat Param Braham Tasme Shri Guruwe Namah” . Significance of this profession can be understood with above lines.
Teacher after acquiring Knowledge, develops creativity and imparting it most humbly and eloquently  to the students which brings a fundamental change in trainee teachers in Maa Purnagiri College of Education, Champawat(B.Ed. College).

College is situated at hilly region of Uttrakhand where after all odds quality education imparted to future teachers in most simplified and economical ways in form of advanced  knowledge, wisdom, understanding  through latest training.

College aims at development of all sections of society hence introduced special training on value and ethics, Moral lesion taught which inculcate tolerance and humanity since there are different kinds of students. Some who have a variety of skills and are average or better than average in the same, some who score low in certain skills but higher in certain others, some who are extremely good at a particular skill and average/low in the others etc. If we enforce students to limit themselves to academic subjects like science, social and maths, we are encouraging growth of only few students. In any subject, acquiring knowledge related to it is different from skills relating the subject. For eg: knowing the scientific reason behind an occurrence is different from developing the skills of scientific/analytical reasoning. Similarly putting sweats in the play ground for physical empowerment, studying the music theory must not be different from having the skill of grasping the notes of a song and singing melodiously.
I am hopeful that in Maa Purnagiri College of Education, Champawat (B.Ed. College) is committed to bring a holistic change  with periodical introduction of new programmes and play a pivotal role for the development of region .I will appreciate any research and development under Maa Purnagiri College of Education, Champawat (B.Ed. College)
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